EarthSpirit at the Parliament in 1999

Parliament of the Worlds Religions
December 1 - 8, 1999
Capetown South Africa
*A New Day Dawning*

In 1993 the second Parliament was held, again in Chicago. This time it was the Earth-centered spirituality which was introduced and welcomed with acknowledgment and respect for what these traditions had to offer. The week long event included workshops, services, prayer and meditation with almost every faith tradition presently in existence, concerts, cultural events, presentations from some of the world's most respected religious leaders, notably the Dalai Lama and an assembly of religious and spiritual leaders whose members signed "Towards a Global Ethic" a document outlining principles and directives for peace, social justice and sustainability of life. EarthSpirit, along with several other organizations and tribal groups represented the Earth Religions at the Parliament and in the Assembly and signed that document.

This December a third Parliament will be held to follow through on the themes of The Global Ethic with a "Call to the Guiding Institutions" of the world's government, religion, commerce, media and education, to join in the work of ensuring our future. This meeting will happen in South Africa, a country which knows only to well about the struggle for equality and freedom. The African location will also make it possible for more people from tribal, earth-centered traditions to attend and we are looking forward to making connections with these kindred souls.

EarthSpirit has been involved in the planning of this year's agenda, and will again participate as a supporting organization with representation on the Assembly of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, the presentation of programs and by hosting an information table. We will be able to reach out to all of the people attending the Parliament- to learn from them, and to share an Earth-centered perspective in a way that we hope will improve communication over the years to come.

Deirdre and Susan Arthen have left for South Africa to represent EarthSpirit at this historic event. They will join thousands of representatives from spiritual traditions all over the world in an effort to further the causes of ecological sustainability and social justice throughout the world.

By offering presentations, participating in discussions and hosting an information booth, EarthSpirit will reach out to members of many different religions both mainstream and minority. We also look forward to making and deepening our connections with those engaged in earth-centered practices in South Africa -- whether European Paganism or traditional tribal ways.

In addition to Deirdre and Susan Arthen, Deborah Ann Light will attend and represent EarthSpirit at the Assembly of Religious and Spiritual Leaders. Melissa Grant, a student at the University of Massachusetts will represent EarthSpirit at "The Next Generation: Youth Initiatives" sessions. Other US Pagan attendees include Selena Fox and Dennis Carpenter from Circle Sanctuary and Rowan Fairgrove and Don Frew from Covenant of the Goddess.

While in South Africa, Susan and Deirdre will be sending updates of their experiences and EarthSpirit's activities at the Parliament which will be posted on this site between December 1 and 8.

Day by day at the Parliament

We invite you to go to the CPWR web site to look at all of the events planned for the week in South Africa

Many thanks to the generous donors who contributed to this project and made it possible.