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Moira Ashleigh

Moira Ashleigh

Moira Ashleigh is a witch of the Glainn Sidhr Order and has Clergy credentials from the Covenant of the Goddess. She is on the EarthSpirit Board of Directors and is a longtime contributing member of the EarthSpirit Community. She also is one of the major contributors to the EarthSpirit Open Circles in the eastern part of Massachusetts and the current coordinator of the Eastern Mass classes and online group.

Moira has led clans at Twilight Covening for the last twenty years including Wolf, Crow and Raven clans with Duncan Eagleson. Moira also facilitates the Guiser's ritual at Rites of Spring with Kaye. She has taught at Laurelin, several Pagan Pride events, and elsewhere at pagan events.

Having grown up spending a lot of time by herself in Nature, she immediately felt she was coming home when she stumbled into Paganism after finishing her college degrees. Moira started her path to being known as pagan when pictured in the book "Witches and Witchcraft" by Time-Life Books and was recently mentioned in the New York Times for her work at Rites of Spring. Her song lyrics have been published both in print and on the web.

Moira has a Masters degree in Theater and Dance from Emerson College, Boston, MA, USA. Formerly a member of MotherTongue , Moira held many creative functions including lyricist, choreographer, lighting designer, choralographer, dancer, vocalist, costumer, musical collaborator and most recently CD designer.

Her most recent performances have been story-telling with her long time partner Duncan Eagleson, the embodiment of the character RagRoot at the new York Fairie Festival, plus various beings in the yearly Guiser's Ritual at Rites of Spring, which she also organizes.

You can view her work world resume at her design company, SolsticeSun Design. Her web designs have been featured in the Boston Herald and voted the best third party political website nationwide by the magazine, Campaigns and Elections. She created the winning graphic in the design contest for the Pagan Graphic Web ring. Her new passion is photography, and she has been featured in several art shows and just won best in show in the Mystic River Photography contest 2013.

She can be reached by e-mail at

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