EarthSpirit Legends

Writing and creating our own Music, Stories, Traditions and Art to share now and to pass on to future generations.

Fireheart Magazine A Journal of Magic and Spiritual Transformation. FireHeart was published from 1988 through 1993. We have made some of the articles available for information. Please be aware that this material is copyrighted, by the authors and the EarthSpirit Community, and may not be copied in part or whole without pernmission.

The EarthSpirit Newsletter A Pagan Newsletter representing and connecting the EarthSpirit Community with magical information events. Published from 1993 through 1997. The "As Above So Below" Almanac continues to be published on this website.

MotherTongue The EarthSpirit Ritual performance ensemble. MotherTongue has released three albums "All Beings of the Earth", "Fire Dance", and "This Winter's Night".

The Parliament of World Religions Once every one hundred years the world religions gather. In 1993 Pagans and Witches were a contributing factor to the event. EarthSpirit and MotherTongue were there as a major part of this contribution.

The Parliament of World Religions In 1999 Pagans and Witches again were a contributing factor to the event. EarthSpirit delegates relate their experience in South Africa.

Railwalker at Rites The exploration of a Pagan Gathering by Brick, the Urban Shaman, and his friends the crows. The first online comic series focused on the Pagan Community written and illustrated by Duncan Eagleson and published on the web by EarthSpirit.