celtic wheel

The Pagan
Chant Library

Air I Am

All Beings of the Earth

Ancient Mother

Between The Worlds

Burn Fire

The Circle shapes Us

Earth Fire

The Earth Is Our Mother

Earth My Body

Fire Song



Hecate, Cerridwen


Hoof and Horn

I Am The Earth

Isis, Astarte

It's The Blood Of The Ancients

Light Is Returning

Manifest it

Maypole Dance

The Moon Is High

Now I Walk In Beauty

Now The Darkest Time Of Winter

The Ocean Is The Begining Of The Earth

Ocean Mother

Peace in my Heart


Rite of Passage

Round and Round

See The Sun Arising

She Changes Everything She Touches

Spirits Everywhere

Standing Like A Tree

We All Come From The Goddess

We Are Alive

We Are An Old People

We Are One With The Infinite Sun

We Are One With The Soul Of The Earth

Wearing My Long Wing Feathers


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