Black Pearl Tarot
Sue Curewitz Arthen
Card readings that reflect your inner strength and wisdom

Come, see your life as a mythic story!

Sue Curewitz Arthen has been reading Tarot cards since 1981. Her unique style of interpreting the reading as a story allows you to see your current life situation in a detached, objective manner.

Working with you to interpret the energies and symbols the cards represent, she is then able to not only help you "see the forest for the trees", but also to get above the forest for a whole different perspective. This method, of reading the Tarot cards, can reveal to you possibilities that you "knew" all along, but did not know how to access.

Readings include ideas about resources and strengths that will enhance your life as well as reminders about how you might get in your own way and what you can do to minimize that kind of opposition.

Most readings take about and hour and a half. The cost is $30-55 sliding fee scale. You decide what is the right fee for you.

A name analysis using numerology and the Tarot costs an additonal $5.00.

Lessons for groups, private lessons, gift certificates and parties are all available.

Sue Curewitz Arthen
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Worthington, MA 01098
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