Sarah Stockwell Arthen
"The songs I choose to sing are pathways to looking at the world."
The songs
that need to be sung
are the ones that
the tug in the gut
the shock of recognition,
the surge of joy - -
the songs that are
so much
part of life
that you forget
they are being
sarah stockwell arthen
Part seer, part iconoclast, part romantic, her art is the creation of moments -- the concert, the performance, the recording. Her fierce, hungry, generous spirit can take an audience from laughter through tragedy to hope and an awakening of communion and purpose.

Sarah Stockwell is a passionate connoisseur of songs, a finder and nurturer of their shy secret beauties, a caresser of melody and rhythm. She is a voracious seeker of songs that bring awakening and regeneration.

"One of the best singers around, to my ear... lets the song create her style." -- Gordon Bok

"You forget she doesn't write her songs because she sings each one as if it were her own." -- Jeff Gill, WADN radio and Colonial Inn Concert Series

"Sarah is a singer to be reckoned with" -- Orrin Star

"Stockwell is a riveting, mesmerizing performer who deeply feels the music she plays. In concert, the depth and intensity of her feeling become as much a part of the song as the music and lyrics." --FireHeart Magazine

"What a performance! Part folky, part grunge rocker draped in a long star-spangled black skirt, alone on her guitar or occasionally ably backed, she sang a set of Samhain songs, musing in between about the season's "wonderful smell of rot", adults walking down the streets of Boston suburbs in Batman costumes and her mom's first attempts at roller blading..." --Our Pagan Times, December 1995

To Reach Sarah Stockwell Arthen:
PO Box 983
Williamsburg, MA 01096

To order recordings please mail: $16 for "Dark of Moon" CD, or to buy on-line go to CD Baby

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